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Hello and welcome to Red Hot Carpet Cleaning. We have a burning commitment to quality and service at a fair price. We invite to find a real joy for caring for your home or business by dealing with a company that really cares.

Four Reasons To Clean Your Carpet Now!

1.  Your Carpet Fails Inspection:
Take a quick tour of your carpeting. Check out your entryways, halls, the family room, and adjacent to the kitchen... Does your carpet's appearance need some attention?

2.  Clean Carpet Lasts Longer:
Today's carpet is designed to hide dirt. In fact, a single square-foot beige carpet can conceal over one pound of fiber-damaging dirt and grit... and still look clean! Don't let hidden dirt grind the beauty out of your carpet. Have it professionally cleaned every 9 to 12 months.

3.  Your Carpet's Filter Needs Cleaning:
Carpet acts as an indoor air filter trapping all kinds of allergens and air pollutants. Clean carpet helps keep indoor air clean; dirty carpet can be a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty critters and pollutants. Clean carpet is especially beneficial to allergy sufferers.

4.  You Deserve Clean Carpet:
Don't you just love the look and feel of new carpeting? Red Hot Carpet Cleaning will give your home that feeling for just a fraction of what new carpeting costs. We guarantee our thorough carpet cleaning process will make your carpet like new again! You will love the results, and you will appreciate our hassle-free service.


10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

  1. Long Lasting Deep Clean. We clean 100% of your carpets yarns, not just buffing the surface. Your carpets will stay cleaner longer because we extract all the dirt.
  2. We restore your dingy and dull carpet to fluffy and soft carpet , without chemical or soap residues.
  3. Our truck-mounted high powered steam extraction process kills germs, bacteria, and dust mites on contact & removes them from your home. 98% of the carpet mills recommend the steam cleaning method.
  4. Most Thorough Cleaning Ever. Since everyone’s cleaning needs are different, we cater our cleaning products and equipment to each and every job.
  5. Red Hot Carpet Cleaning uses certified cleaning techniques.
  6. Honest Pricing. No sales gimmicks, no hidden costs. All prices are quoted up front, in writing with no hidden charges. Our service ALWAYS includes the best techniques and efforts to get your carpet as clean as possible.
  7. We are dedicated to YOU! We are dedicated to our clients before, during and after every cleaning.
  8. We answer the phone live. You only get voice mail if we are on the other line, or meeting with another client. If you do get a voice mail we return calls promptly.
  9. Fast Drying time. Because of our [patented , state-of the-art, etc] system, we pick up 95% of the moisture we put down. Only your carpet fibers are barely damp.
  10. One Call Service:
    Carpet Cleaning
    Mattress Cleaning
    Berber & Wool Specialists
    Carpet Protectants
    Grout Protectants
    Filtration Line Removal
    Upholstery Cleaning
    Tile & Grout Cleaning
    RV & Auto Interiors
    Upholstery Protectants
    Red Stain Removal
    Pet Odor Specialist
  • Bonus Reason
    You Get More Than A Satisfaction Guarantee: We offer a lot more than the most thorough cleaning ever. We also guarantee no spots will return. If it’s gone when we leave, and returns after we leave, we will also return promptly. We will figure out how to remove it permanently.


What better time to clean your carpets
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